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The difference between the verbs «do» and «make»

Today on the blog we take a look at “do” and “make”, two verbs that are easily confused.

After reading through the summary below of when to use each verb, you can test your knowledge with this quick activity from this Cambridge site.

There are always exceptions to the rules, but in general remember that:

‘Do’ is used –

1. When talking about work, jobs, and tasks.

“Have you done your homework?”

2. When referring to activities in general without being specific

“Is there anything I can do to help you?”

3. Sometimes to replace a verb when the meaning is obvious

“If you do the kitchen then I’ll do the bathroom (cleaning)

And ‘make’ is used –

1. When referring to creating, constructing or building something

“Did you make that (artwork)”? “I made dinner yesterday”

2. To indicate where something was made, or the material it was made with

“This watch is made of gold. It was made in Switzerland”

3. For producing and action or reaction

“You make me happy” “Onions make my eyes water”

4. With food, drink and meals

“I made a cake for her birthday” “I have to make dinner”